Killgore’s Pharmacy is an independent, privately owned business. We have been located on Main Street in Haynesville for over 36 years and have built our business on helping people and taking pride in the way we take care of our customers. We listen, focus and attend to their needs, and pride ourselves in knowing all our customers personally and not as a number like the big chain stores do. Never do you have to wait in a long line or speak to a recording. We believe the customers time is as important as our own.

Our Pharmacist, Keith Killgore, has been dedicated to this business since graduating from the Northeast Louisiana University, now known as the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 1980 with a BS in Pharmacy. He has been standing behind the counter at our store for 40 years, 36 of those years as it’s owner. Keith feels that giving back to the community is an important part of our business. He believes that service to our schools and community is a way to give back to our customers and has volunteered many hours and spent many dollars making Haynesville an attractive and great place to live.

In addition to the pharmacy, we have a very eclectic gift shop decorated with memorabilia from Haynesville. Customers enjoy looking at the pictures of the old days while they shop for the perfect gift. We specialize in hand personalization on the many items in our store, which includes Christmas ornaments, plates and banners. We also sell landscaping supplies such as mulch, landscape mix, and a very popular potting soil called Happy Frog and Ocean Forest. These soils grow your plants 2-3 times larger than miracle grow potting soil.

We built our business on helping people and thank all our loyal customers as we continue to serve you.

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